How healthy is the Change ecosystem in your organisation?

In my recent podcast episodes I talked about the Diamond of Change effectiveness in Programs. Diamonds however are not meant to be 2 dimensional but multi-faceted. So lets explore all of the aspects of your change ecosystem and fill out that diamond into a multi dimensional, quality, value add diamond. After all, when you walk into a room with significant BLING from that diamond on your hand, it gets noticed. The second element though is the carat and clarity. That is where the real value lies!

When looking at the change ecosystem in your organisation, you should be considering each aspect of this diamond which combines to create value in your organisation. This is achieved through clarity and how well all of these areas are aligned and working together.


Let's explore each area:

Strategy:  There is a big leap between strategy definition for an organisation and then the operationalisation of it. If the strategy is unclear in an organisation or too ambiguous, it can mean...

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How well do you manage the change capacity of your organisation?

So your change cup runneth over and not in a good way? Perhaps your organisation is showing signs of change fatigue, or potentially your programs and improvements aren't delivering as you had assumed? The discipline of managing and measuring change capacity can resolve many issues, and put the leadership team in the drivers seat. Here are some ways decision makers and governance forums can improve the change capacity and agility of your organisation. There are two areas of opportunity strategic and operational.

The first opportunity is in the strategic discussions of your organisation at Executive level

Integrate the change conversation into enterprise wide operating forums. In my experience this is can only be done if there is change maturity which exists in your organisation or if the organisation culturally is people centric. If your organisation is starting to experience the indicators of change fatigue, placing emphasis on a conversation regarding change within the change...

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Next Level Change Success - #5 - Season 1 - What is Change Management all about?

In this podcast Episode I cover what change management is with the aim to demystify it.  We cover the main elements of a change plan and the diamond of Change effectiveness which you can download below.

Here are some of the highlights:

2:10   Often people have different definitions of change in an organisation.

2:34   The ‘real world’ definition of change. The key aspects and focus of change management is to generate full and effective adoption of a new way of working in the shortest time possible with the best ‘user’ experience.

3:52   Change happens over time, not immediately at a Go Live.

4:35   Change Management is the plan which moves people from out of their comfort zone to a new comfort zone.

5:23  The Change Management plan is a bridge to close the gap between current state and future state. It is impermanent and exists to provide a clear pathway for people affected by the change.

5:45  We cover the key...

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The definition of Change Management

There is a standard definition for Change Management. Oxford languages defines it as 'the management of change and development within a business or similar organisation.'

The simplified 'real world' definition is the following:

Change management is the planning and implementation of a series of tactical activities that support individuals, teams, leaders, and/or customers to move from a current way of doing things to a new way of doing things. The goal is to generate effective and full adoption of the new way of working in the shortest possible period of time.

Now that you have a frame of reference as to what it is, let's explore what change management is further and the many challenges with introducing change management into any organisation. As with any new discipline (shout out to behavioural insights specialists and customer experience practitioners), the struggle is real when looking to build credibility due to not many people knowing what change management is or even worse,...

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Next Level Change Success - #4 - Season 1 - Change Overload

In this episode I explore the concept of Change overload in organisations.

In this Episode, Therese covers the ultimate organisational change question – how do you know when you are hitting change overload in your organisation? When is there just too much change taking place where it is impacting your people?

Therese discusses the signs in your organisation where you may be hitting your change capacity and what levers decision makers have in their grasp to better manage the capacity at an Enterprise Change level.

2:40 – Setting the scene for this year and how many are grappling with the ‘new normal’ and the impact of our seasons.

3:45 – We discuss the reality of Cognitive overload and what change practitioners need to consider with this

4:20 – The need to simplify and make Change in organisations easy to engage with.

6:00 – We cover some of the indicators of change overload in organisations.

6:58 – Do your people indicators need to be...

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Next Level Change Success - #3 -Season 1 - NAIDOC week - Lessons from Ancient Cultures

In this episode we talk about NAIDOC week and Therese shares the 3 key lessons she has learned through years of travel and then working with First Nations people that relate to Change Management. These lessons are: Listening, The Approach and Ritual.





1.55 Get up! Stand up! Show up! NAIDOC 2022 . While we have made progress there is a LONG way to go.

4.02 Art of listening. What 'listening' means in the context of projects.

5.40 Change resistance and the challenge to listen more earnestly

8:00 Lesson 2: How you approach change will determine it's success

11:00 Lesson 3: The importance of ritual. How do you integrate ritual into your organisation?

14.06 It is even more important to acknowledge First Nations People.


References and Resources


Welcome to Country

Local Aboriginal Land Councils

Download the Diamond of Program Change Effectiveness


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Next Level Change Success -#2 -Season 1 - Revert or Reimagine

Organisations are at a crossroads, facing decisions regarding the future ways of working. One option is to try to go back to the way things were, another is to take the opportunity and reimagine the ways of working.


In many ways if considering ways to reimagine the ways of working, there are many opportunities which could result in innovation. From an organisational change perspective, there are new challenges to introducing change in times such as these.


Here are some highlights:

2:05    Shout out to all frontline workers and for carrying our communities during the pandemic

3:30     Therese discusses how different industries face different challenges

4:40     Therese discusses the Microsoft Annual Work Trend Index report for 2022.          

5:10     The Changing priority of health over work

6:05 Management challenges in engagement and organisations...

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Next Level Change Success - #1 - Season 1 - The Beginning

It's here!  The Next Level Change Success Podcast.

Here are the key highlights of this episode:

This Episode covers the evolution of Change Management. I share my own journey into change management, and the Diamond of Program Change Effectiveness.


Here are some highlights

At the commencement of the podcast Therese covers her own experience in projects and change early in her career.

 5:48     Therese covers what Change Management is and how it is about bridge building and being a translator 

6:26     Therese discusses why Change Management exists and shares a story about her own experience in the early days of customer experience

7:42     The Loyalty Effect by Frederick Reichheld 

9:42     Therese covers some of the key people aspects of Change Management

12:00   Therese discusses Program Change vs Organisational Change

14:00   Executive Sponsorship to support Change Management

15:16 ...

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If you aren't adapting your change approach for hybrid ways of working - you are missing a trick

Change is becoming even more important to implement well and effectively in organisations. One of the challenges facing Change practitioners today however, is how to achieve cut through in a hybrid working world. Add to this the 'noise' that can exist from day to day.  

Managing Change in a virtual world or one where there is a hybrid of working types (in the office and at home) means spending more time in some areas that were potentially taken for granted before. For example coaching Change Sponsors on effective communication techniques, ensuring technology is available that supports communication in various ways, and achieving cut through via multi-channel interventions are just some of the ways organisational change managers will need to adapt.

In some organisations, investment has been made in various technology platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, GoTo Webinar. However that is just investment in the enabler It will take time and practice to develop...

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Top 5 lessons if you are managing change in an organisation

I am a big fan of continuous improvement, and when you aren't interested in making the same mistakes twice you can become quite frustrated when people are decide to do what's crazy. That's right, they keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. The definition of insanity according to Einstein - and trust me there are a lot of insane people out there!

Through all of the different change I have managed early in my career, you get to know the traps for new players. Those 'gotcha's' that you don't need to learn more than once. No matter how experienced you are every time you introduce change into an organisation, you learn lessons. If you aren't capturing them then you are missing out on a great opportunity to support your organisation to change and adapt faster.


Here are my top 5 lessons (although this may change again) on what NOT to do when managing change:

1) Thinking you should be the voice of the change - not the leaders. Leaders owning and speaking to the...

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