Are you ready to learn all about managing change?

I will step you through the change management process with templates and tools to help you manage operational change in organisations.

The Change process, Change impact assessments, Change Plans, lessons and tips all in one place!
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Step by step

This is an easy course to follow, broken down into 3 easy steps. When you have the foundations in place, it is case of 'rinse and repeat' and keeping on learning.

Learn from an experienced professional

This isn't just about the theory. Therese shares 'hot tips' with you from her years of supporting changes of different complexity and size.

Tools and templates

Templates include a Change Management Plan, a Change Impact Assessment matrix, feedback questions and even more!

Karen P

'Therese is as an excellent and experienced program director and change professional. I learned so much from working with Therese and am excited to see the virtual change manager site developing and sharing such great content. Congratulations Therese on delivering innovations to the way change is done and knowledge is shared.'

Margot R

'I have had the pleasure to work with Therese in several roles, firstly as a very competent Change Manager and secondly under her leadership as a Director.  In both roles she was well respected, provided solid direction having a clear strategic view and always delivered well beyond expectation.  Therese was always available to provide support and guidance when required, having a clear understanding of impacts both internal and external.  She is very considered, compassionate and knows her stuff.  I would be privileged to have the opportunity to work with Therese again.'

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