Episode 11 - The most important change leaders in your organisation

In this episode of Next Level Change Success, we explore the different types of change leadership and the most important important change leaders in an organisation. 

 In this Episode:

2.48 That 'aha' moment when I realised that I shouldn’t be leading the change on behalf of the manager. There were times when managers gladly outsourced the change.

3:34 The most important layer of change leadership

4:00 Visit myvirtualchangemanager.com for a change leadership checklist and a post about the traits of a good change leader

4:31 The size of the impact relate to the extent of change leadership you require

5:04 when looking at transformational, you are needing to engage all layers of leadership

6:15 For transformation change you need breadth and depth 6:28 Research is showing middle managers are the most important leaders.

7:04 Middle managers are more accountable and responsible for the change and if they aren’t provided with theright support it will compromise the...

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The five myths to Change leadership

Change leadership is a prized skillset in leaders, and an area of leadership development which is growing fast. But what are some of the myths about change leadership in general? Here are five of the most common myths and subsequent mis steps about change leadership.

Myth 1:

The CEO is the most important communicator. There is nothing further from the truth. The CEO plants the flag on a hill, and sets a tone, but at an individual level, the people leader is the one that matters. So Executive leaders need to spend more time than they realise the engage their direct reports, and depending on how many layers there are to the organisation, even more time with the next level and so on and so forth. Distortion of message can easily take place if there is a deep hierarchy and the probability of distortion is high if there isn't top down engagement in the change. Note I mentioned engagement rather than simply top down communication in cascade form. So you may have a CEO general message, but...

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Next Level Change Success - #10 - The seven traits of an effective change leader

In this episode, we cover off a critical aspect of change - change leadership. From why is the change leadership training in high demand right now down to the importance of change leadership and the seven traits of an effective change leader. Whilst listening to this episode, think about those who are really great change leaders - do they share these traits?

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1.30 Topic of today is about change leadership in organisations

2.30 Why is the demand so high now? We cover why the demand is high due to global factors and other things. We cover off the different factors which have conrtributed to the greater demand for change leadership skills. These are multi-faceted.

7.15 Treatment of people through the last couple of years for some organisations has deepened loyalty.

9.45 How change leadership is different to good leadership. It is the evolution of leadership to meet the requirement to continually lead your team through change.

10.27 The first trait...

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Is Change leadership simply good leadership?

The question should be asked, whether Change leadership is just part of good leadership, or whether it tis something new. Or perhaps we should hypothesise that due to the increase in the pace and frequency of change that leadership skills related to engaging and leading a team through change well is more important than ever. I can empathise with leaders who may feel they have enough on their plate, but. focus should be on how these skills will help them in their leadership role. 

Why change leadership and why now?

The reason why change leadership is in demand more than ever, due to a triple whammy of a global pandemic, during the information and digital age. In the last couple of years we have witnessed major movements across the world such as #blacklivesmatter #metoo and many other positive, connected, global movements. This has raised the awareness of rights, and raised the good, bad and ugliness of humanity. The world we live in is fast paced, cluttered and challenging...

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Do you need a Change Management Plan template?

There are 2 levels of change introduced into organisations - Operational change and Transformational change. There are a number of things that determine which category your change falls into. The size of the impact of your change, and how many ways the people are impacted. 

If you are just starting out in either managing change or projects and don't know where to start when it comes to managing change or supporting your organisation through it then I recommend you check out my Operational Change Management course. Why? Well, I put it together to step any individual through the change management process end to end. It's easy to follow and it also has all the templates you would need to be able to assess impacts, put together a plan and I have even laid out some possible change activities you may want to consider.


Take it from someone who knows after years of experience, a framework and templates are a great starting point, but if you don't know how to use them they...

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Next Level Change Success - #8 - Season 1 - How change mature is your organisation?

In this episode we cover the elements in a change maturity model. In the last couple of weeks we have covered this in our blog post about the accidental journey that some may take. We then walked through the Enterprise Change Management maturity model.

If you want to know where your organisation is at, you can take our Enterprise Change Management Maturity assessment and find out right now!


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1.44 The accidental change maturity pathway and what that story looks like.

7.06 Key elements of maturity. Starting with Executive Sponsorship and then at all levels.

9.08 Resourcing mix and what that might look like.

9.57 Where your function sits - centralised or decentralised?

10.26 Capability development 10.50 Consistency - is there one...

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Looking for an Enterprise Change Management Maturity model?

You can set up a Change Management Office (or Practice as they are also called), but do you have an Enterprise Change Management Maturity roadmap worked out? You may be on the 'accidental' path that we have mentioned here. But you will certainly need one, especially if the appetite for change management is increasing in your organisation due to the results you are getting. This will now mean that you will need an Enterprise Change Management Maturity model to be able to measure your organisation against.

One of the first steps in building change maturity is to measure existing change maturity by applying a Change Management Maturity model assessment, so you have a baseline and your roadmap will then help move your organisation through the levels. Easy? Well the challenge is always in the doing. So let's explore the Enterprise Change Management Maturity model so you know what the levels are and what the indicators are.

How do you know which level you are at?

There are some...

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Next Level Change Success - #7 - Season 1 - The great debate - where should a change function sit in an organisation?

In this Episode we discuss where a Change function should sit in any operating model and why.

We discuss change management maturity and answer one of the most frequently asked questions - where should the change function sit in an organisation?


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Episode highlights
1.20  One of the most asked questions
2.22  The change roadmap which can at first be by accident or as a result of program failure
3.16  Next step to establish and commit to change as a function
3.56  There is change in the program context as well as in the organisational context
4:40  Learning and capability development around change management and change leadership
6.46  Where the function should sit and what other functions should also be in the area
8.22  Important that People and Culture teams embrace the capability and then work well with their change partners in the other areas
9.50  Change practice...

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The ultimate roadmap to change maturity in your organisation

Enterprise Change Management practices and teams are starting to pop up now even more than ever. But what is the typical roadmap to change management having a presence in an organisation and what would the ultimate roadmap to building change maturity into an organisation? Unfortunately maturity is sometimes created by accident and the journey initiated with a poorly implemented change. 

The 'Accidental' journey

The first roadmap I want to share is one which is more the 'accidental journey'. One where it started as a 'we need to fix it' scenario, then grows into something more.

The catalyst for bringing a Change Manager into an organisation, or someone who knows about change is usually because there has been some major change taking place in an organisation and it has failed. Here are some scenarios I have experienced. There is a new IT system which no-one is using, there is a big transformation on the horizon and the program needs someone to scope out and deliver the...

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Next Level Change Success - #6 - Season 1 - How healthy is your organisations Change ecosystem?

In this episode we talk about the different aspects of the change ecosystem in your organisation. Why does it even matter? You could be investing in your change function but still not be achieving organisational agility or effective Program delivery. That is because Change does not function in a void. All of these aspects matter and working well together can add massive value.



You can listen to this episode here or read more in this post.


or on Spotify here.

We begin by setting the scene - why is the change ecosystem in your organisation important?

4:03 How central to this ecosystem is an organisation's culture.

6:55 Strategy - Critical for forward thinking and identifying opportunities.

7:30 Governance - decision making, and risk/opportunity trade off's. Robust governance provides visibility of the work being undertaken across your organisation. 

9:24 Customer Experience - customer research and journey mapping. For both customers and staff.  This...

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