What are the key links between an agile organisation and change maturity?

Being an agile organisation nowadays can mean one of two things. The Project methodology you are using is 'Agile', OR your organisation is able to respond to change FAST. In this article we are focusing on the latter - the connection between enterprise change maturity and the ability to respond to change.

The Oxford definition is the 'ability to move quickly and easily'. This term has become very popular in organisations due the constant time pressure that they were under to deliver. Building change agility is an outcome of building change capability. Here are some key correlations between Change agility and enterprise change maturity and examples of where these have come to life:

1) Having cross disciplined teams delivering change on a regular basis makes the difference when urgency is needed. There was no better example of this than how well any organisation responded to the COVID-19 pandemic.  During COVID I watched team members who had worked together on a flexible working...

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Next Level Change Success - #4 - Season 1 - Change Overload

In this episode I explore the concept of Change overload in organisations.

In this Episode, Therese covers the ultimate organisational change question – how do you know when you are hitting change overload in your organisation? When is there just too much change taking place where it is impacting your people?

Therese discusses the signs in your organisation where you may be hitting your change capacity and what levers decision makers have in their grasp to better manage the capacity at an Enterprise Change level.

2:40 – Setting the scene for this year and how many are grappling with the ‘new normal’ and the impact of our seasons.

3:45 – We discuss the reality of Cognitive overload and what change practitioners need to consider with this

4:20 – The need to simplify and make Change in organisations easy to engage with.

6:00 – We cover some of the indicators of change overload in organisations.

6:58 – Do your people indicators need to be...

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