A value packed step by step program to make your workshops GREAT!

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Why wait? Start running workshops like a Pro today!

Gain confidence by being prepared and knowing the what those who run workshops every day know. How to be prepared, what can go wrong, and what your role is as a facilitator. Have your stakeholders thanking you at the end of the session.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

You will be walked through the three stages of a workshop. You will learn how to plan, run and follow up on the workshop well. You will be provided with 5 different templates and checklists so you can be sure to cover all of the important information. Leave nothing to chance. Be prepared and hear the stories of experience and techniques you can use for your workshops.

Expect better results

Gain valuable information from your workshops by encouraging participation and knowing how to facilitate the conversation well.

Improve every time

Learn how you can have your workshops gain a positive reputation and build even further on that.

Learn the 'what to do' and 'what NOT to do from years of experience

You don't have to learn the lessons that others have. You can take the short cut and start from a strong foundation of experience - others experience and knowledge.

How to run a successful workshop

Learn how to run a workshop well. From planning through to follow up, you will learn practical tips from someone who has run hundreds (maybe even thousands) of workshops over her career. 


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